Zehavit Efrati

Clinical Psychologist

MA Child Clinical Psychology (Summa Cum Laude), granted with Leadership Scholarship Dissertation - Post Traumatic Growth - what makes certain individuals strive after coping with trauma
Tel Aviv University, Israel

BA Behavioral Sciences Research assistant - Clinical Psychology Department- ‘Theory of Mind and Reflectiveness’
Ben Gurion University, Israel

Psychoanalysis and Art - School of Continuing Medical Education, Program of Psychotherapy
Tel Aviv University, Israel

Participated in - The Tavistock International Group Relations Conference

Psychologist Profile

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Zehavit is a registered Child Clinical Psychologist from Israel. She specialises in individual psychotherapy for kids, adolescents and parent guidance. Her main interest is working with women throughout life and motherhood challenges. She is qualified in assessing Psychological Tests including the IQ Test for both children and adults. Her professional approach is psychodynamic and she has 15 years of experience working in public clinics, mental health hospital, and private clinics. Addressing issues of interpersonal relationships, anxiety, depression, social skills (including a group for young adolescents with Communication Disorders), motherhood, personal growth and resilience.

She is training as a Docent at the Singapore Art Museum, and wishes to create vital and substantial experiences for children at the museum.

She strongly believes in the human ability to live a fully creative life thru processing hurtful emotions, trauma or lost.

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