Who We Are

Our team of Psychologists specialize in educational and diagnostic assessments. We have a wide range of tests that provide variety of skills testing.

We have the most updated Tests and Assessment Tools with the latest editions.


The following assessments apply to students aged 3 – 18 years.

A student could be assessed in the following areas:

  • Educational Proficiency – including reading, writing, and language development
  • Educational Performance – relative to age and grade
  • Learning Style – strengths and weaknesses
  • Emotional Development – including anxiety and mood
  • Personal Development – including concentration
  • Social Development
  • Coping Skills

Psychometric assessment can be viewed as a snap shot of an individual. In order to complete this task, a range of psychometric tests are used. To gain the fullest picture possible, information would be requested from:

  • Young Person
  • Parent (s)
  • Teacher (s)

Other medical/psychological reports – if appropriate

To increase the clarity of the snap shot, information is gathered using self-report measures (traditional style questionnaires) and semi-structured interviews.

All assessments are provided with a written report for Parents and where appropriate School staff. Reports are typically completed within 2 weeks of receiving information from all sources. A time is made to discuss the report, its implications and strategies for both Parents and School staff. The goal being to increase Parental and School understanding, and effective engagement of a student.