Psychological assessments incorporate IQ Testing, Achievement Testing, Psycho-Educational Assessments, Diagnostic Assessments and Autism Assessments. Psychological Assessments are important to understand both the strengths and weaknesses of the child and provide comprehensive report with tailor-made recommendations to support the child’s needs and advance their talents.

Our Psychological Team is here for you and your family. Most private practices world wide, may block time slots for assessments and therapy based on your first contact. We spend the time getting to know you and your child by addressing your concerns through email enquiry or call in order to make sure we discuss all your concerns in detail and tailor all our services to your child. Then, during the initial consult, you can determine whether you feel the therapist assigned is a good fit for your family.


We have a great team made up of international and local psychologists who speak many different languages. We care about your family and will do our utmost to ensure you feel at home with us.

Initial Consultation

Not in Singapore?

We understand that in some parts of the globe, it may be difficult to find specialized services to suit the unique needs of your child. We offer exclusive Phone Consults, where you may discuss your concerns confidentially with a certified professional. This way, you can gain more insight into your child’s difficulties and get honest feedback concerning further recommendations if needed. Many of our families fly in for a weekend if needed to have all assessments completed and mailed to your international address when completed within two weeks.