Dynamics Psychological Practice is offering tele-evaluation services for our regional clients who are currently unable to undergo the formal assessment in person.

The online sessions will include an initial chat to identify main concerns, and where appropriate, subsequent screening activities and administration of questionnaires. The evaluation will be focused on identifying key concerns* as well as making recommendations on how to best support the child through their difficulties.

* This service is only meant to provide consultation and advice; no formal diagnoses will be given.

Tele-Evaluation Services

Professional consultation and advice will be provided for the following areas of concern:

Attention and Behaviour Challenges

Attention and Behaviour Challenges

Assessment of attention and/or behaviour issues (impulsivity, hyperactivity, defiance or opposition) package:

  1. Does your child have difficulty staying focused?
  2. Is your child disorganised, absent-minded or forgetful?
  3. Does your child struggle to follow instructions?

Social and Communication Challenges

Assessment of social and communication issues package:

  1. Does your child have difficulty interacting with other children?
  2. Does your child overreact to seemingly small matters?
  3. Does your child exhibit poor social skills?
Social and Communication Challenges

Learning Challenges

Learning Challenges

Assessment of learning problems package:

  1. Is your child struggling with reading, spelling or Math?
  2. Does your child avoid reading and get emotionally frustrated while reading?
  3. Does your child need constant repetition before they remember how to read or spell words that they had previously learnt?


Assessment of anxiety issues:

  1. Does your child worry too much?
  2. Is your child overly fearful of new people or situations?
  3. Does your child often appear tense and nervous?