Family can be an invaluable pillar of strength, love and encouragement. Strong familial bonds benefit individuals and society at large as a family can improve one's well-being—physically emotionally and mentally. Family influences have also shaped our values and expectations. That is why family is considered to have the most impactful influence on a child. Strong positive role models and familial support are known to boost the child's self-esteem, reduce anxieties, instil a sense of belonging and inspire them to live meaningfully.

When a family encounters issues or experiences strained relationships, the situation can be disconcerting for every member of the family. One effective way to help restore the balance in the family dynamics is through Family Counselling/Therapy.

Family Therapy can bring the family together to help everyone identify underlying issues, change thinking patterns and/or behaviours, and also cope with stress triggers as a family. This form of therapy aims to help each family member reach a higher level of maturity and self-observation as well as to enhance relationships, both within and outside the family.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy at Dynamics

Our goals of Family Therapy include:

  • Mobilising the family's collective strength and functional resources
  • Improving the family's functioning by restructuring interactional patterns that may have caused/fuelled the problems. Interactional refers to how family members relate or interact with one other
  • Strengthening the family's problem-solving behaviour

Through therapy, our highly qualified and dedicated team of Psychologists provide intervention in the following areas:

  • Parents-Children relationship
  • Dispute between siblings
  • Grief and loss
  • Chronic/Terminal illness
  • Traumatic event
  • Abuse (e.g. verbal or physical)
  • Adjustment/Transition management
  • Inter-racial issues
  • Re-marriage and acceptance
  • Sexual orientation conflicts
  • Estranged family members
  • Separation/Divorce
  • Intolerance/Defensiveness
  • Unwanted/Unplanned pregnancy

Our Psychologist will implement a structured process of addressing the specific issues to facilitate understanding and communication among the parties involved. Should other underlying concerns surface as the therapy progress, they will be addressed as well.

The role of the Psychologist is not to take sides or focus on "fixing" a particular family member. We will observe and analyse the way the family communicates and interacts with one another, and makes recommendations for change based on the family system as a whole, rather than on a single member.

Family Therapy may or may not involve everyone in the family. We will ascertain the therapy process upon assessment. As needed, our Psychologist will arrange for individual therapy for members who may be stressed out or are unable to meaningfully participate in the family therapy.

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In addition to providing counselling for families, Dynamics also offers counselling services for children, adults, couples and career matters for adolescents

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Psychological Counselling Fees (Adult/Family)

Counselling Session
/ session*
10 Counselling Sessions
/ session*

*Disclaimer - All prices are associated with weekday centre based therapy. Additional cost for Saturday sessions. For home based therapy, additional transport charges will apply. Pricing may change depending on the seniority of the therapist.