Eat well, live well.

Better eating and nutrition are for life, benefiting us now and in the future.

Isn't it pleasurable and meaningful to be able to indulge in your favourite food and savour the meal with the people you love? Having a balanced and wholesome diet is equally important. It can promote a healthy body weight, reduce health risks, slow down the ageing process, among other benefits.

There is no ideal or one-size-fits-all diet plan. One should choose and follow a plan that is suitable and effective. Even a small change in diet and lifestyle can have a great effect on one’s health and well-being. That is why it is important to choose the food that is good for our body, mind and emotions.


Nutrition at Dynamics

Our mission is to help both adults and children live healthier lifestyles, achieve personal health goals, and improve their quality of life. We provide practical and personalised nutrition and sensory counselling and services, which include advice on nutrition for a healthy lifestyle, recommending meal plans to improve individuals or families' nutrition, and more.

We adopt a holistic approach to nutrition as we believe that it is necessary to not only take stock of what we eat but also how, when, where and why we eat. As every individual has their preferences and needs, we tailor plans to best suit the individual.

We believe food and eating healthily are crucial as they can have a direct impact on both adults and children's physical and mental health at various stages of their life.

For Women

From pre-conception to pregnancy, having a balanced diet that is packed with essential nutrients can help boost fertility, nourish the mother and baby’s bodies for optimal foetal growth, and better support the pregnancy process and outcome.

In the case of older women, a healthy diet can help naturally reduce symptoms of menopause, such as sleep problems, weight gain due to slowed metabolism and mood changes, as well as ease the menopausal transition.

For Family

When the family gathers for a meal, it is an opportune time to chat, bond and even teach children good habits and customs. Such precious moments can create a long-lasting positive impact on children's health and well-being. Similarly, eating healthily can boost the entire family’s immunity, health and growth.

For Chronic Conditions

A balanced and healthy diet can help prevent, manage or delay certain chronic medical conditions, such as weight issues due to illness, digestive disorders, cancers and cardiovascular diseases.

Food can also influence stress and sleep. Some types of food may trigger negative reactions, while others can provide relief. Although this will vary among individuals, good eating habits, on the whole, can help one regulate stress levels and improve their quality and quantity of sleep.

Whether you are wondering which diet is right for you, trying to form healthier eating habits for your family, or have other nutritional concerns—reach out to us to arrange for an initial consultation.

Nutrition & Sensory Counselling Fees

60-min Sessions
/ session*

*Disclaimer - All prices are associated with weekday centre based therapy. Additional cost for Saturday sessions. For home based therapy, additional transport charges will apply. Pricing may change depending on the seniority of the therapist.
+Indoor sessions refer to sessions held at the centre or online (teleconsultation).
^Outdoor sessions refer to home visits or sessions held outdoors.